Dear Guests !

Our firm Inter-Art Home Ltd. bought Levendula Naturist Campsite in March of 2015. The most important message is for the guests: we would like to operate the establishment as a natural campsite, in the future too. For the sake of our guests we would like to develop all of the territories of the campsite.

Our short and long time plans

During the autumn in 2015 we renovated the central building. A new heating system was intalled in, so the guests can use the building in bad weather too. The restaurant and the shop were also renewed. In the covered lounge you find a new tile stove. The sanitary blocks and the sauna get a new look too! We bought new mobile homes, there are already 7 mobile homes which can be rent by guests. The guests can use a free WiFi in the campsite.
During the saison of 2017 we plan to renew the sunbathing stages, next to the fence we will plant new hedge to avoid wondering eyes.

New opportunity !

We offer a new opportunity for longstaying campers, they can stay for approximately 4,5 months to enjoy the campsite and the beauty of Lake Balaton!

„The Hungarian sea” can sudden change from a claer, calm water to a frothing sea!

Round of Lake Balaton you find 28 storm-alarm installations which warn you before the storm. You can reach the coast safety if you take care of the sign and hold the rules of the water-police regulations.

The sign warn you of the approaching storm when the lamp is sparkling 60 times in a minutes. When it’s sparkling 30 times in a minutes, please, don’t stand away from the coast at most 500 m, because strong wind is waiting. There are buoy which indicate how far the guests can swim or go by canou or paddle boat.

No, there is stricly forbidden to use motor boat in Lake Balaton. You can surf or sail.

In the high season the animators recommend daily programms to our geusts. Our colleques at the reception can offer trips to different cities or sight seeing - by car, by bus, by train or even by bicycle! We have a correspondant to travel agencies which offer guided tours too.

The accomodation in the campsite are fully equipped. We assure kitchen equipment, frigde, pillows, blankets. The guests have to bring bedlinens, sheets, washing-up liquid, sponge with them.

The guests who arrive with own camping equipment can occupe normal pitch (grass without hedge) or different size pitches.

Normal pitch/place is max. 50 m2 where a car/motorbike/bicycle and tent can be placed. These places aren’t in the central of the campsite, the size can be variable, the number of the person is max. 6.

The pitch is a place which is separeted by hedge from the other ones, there is electricity, the size is between 60 and 120 m2. The pitches are in the more valuable part of the campsite. On the pitch an item for living (caravan, tent, campingcar) + a car/motorbike + a little tent could be placed. Maximum number of person is 6. You find different prices for different sizes in our brossure!

Next to the pitches we offer places for guests who arrive by walk or by bicycle and with tent, the maximum number of person is 2.

The season price is valid for the whole season, from the opening of the campsite till the closing day. The price includes the personal price of 2 adult with 2 children (2-14 years old), or 3 adults , one item for living (caravan, campingcar, tent) and a car. Extra charges: touristik tax and electricity – they have to be paid per months.