Booking Conditions

  1. Occupation of the property (plot, holiday home, apartment, mobile home, caravan or tent):
    If on the date of acquisition you can not arrive for some reason and you notify us in  we can make your plot or accommodation. In the absence of this communication we can offer only the remaining free accommodations and it may be not the property originally selected . In case of early arrival maybe  we can not provide accommodation to you.
    2.1. The ordered services, ensures that only after the arrival of the advance (credit card or bank transfer).

2.2. We ask you to take all the accounting documents.

2.3. The amount of the advance, which we indicate the cost of the bank transfer does not include, have to be paid by you.

2.4. We ask you not to send the money in a mail, because this booking can not be credited.

2.5. We accept – with your name provided – Vacation check as an advance, but when it is signed.

Cancellation policies & fees:
Free: 30 days prior to arrival
50% Pay: 14-29 days prior to arrival of the ordered services
60% Pay: 8- 13 days before arrival of the ordered services
80% Pay: within 7 days prior to arrival of the ordered services

If the cancellation stays , then you have to pay the full accommodation price. As a cancellation date shall be the date on which we receive the written notice of resignation (by email, fax, letter).

Back-reference: In case of cancellation we can repay the advance by bank transfer. The additional costs of the return link are automatically debited. Back-reference in place is not possible.
Order change, other conditions:
5.1. Order change prior to arrival is only possible after consultation with the administration of the camp.

5.2. During your stay we can not accept change.

5.3. For certain plots and apartments / bungalows and mobile homes  may have full property price as an advance. In this case, repayment is not possible! Attention! Our company is asking for your attention, the costs of a possible cancellation you can reduce with a cancellation insurance.

Other important information:
6.1. The House Rules of camping contains important rules, compliance with which is also mandatory for you. Please read these on arrival by, or inform yourself on our website.

6.2. Please note that is closed during the high season the entrance of the camp 13:00 to 3:00 p.m., and from 23:00 until 06:00 clock to secure the rest of the guests can. The closing night is valid during the entire opening time. In the times indicated the arrival and departure, as well as the entire vehicle traffic is interrupted.

6.3. Please take the health book of your dog with.

6.5. We draw your attention that we secure a 4 amperes in our warehouse. In some campsites the delivered current may be more highly. In this regard, inform yourself on arrival.

6.6. Please do not use closed PVC awnings film during your stay.

The balance of the price, including any additional costs (eg Waterfront-charge, other people, etc.), as well as the tourist tax must be paid at the reception of the camp when leaving .
If you chose a specific place or an extra, Please write to us and , we are trying to fulfill it  of course, but we can not guarantee 100%.